The dangers of shunting in the Philippines.

When driving in the Philippines the biggest risk I associate with driving is shunting a prime example of why I came across today while in the city.

Car crash in Cebu Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

The reason I see it as the biggest risk is the fact you have no control over it. A motorcycle riding on the wrong side of the road you can see it and go round it, the jeepney with no lights you give it extra breaking distance and overtake it, the bus honking its horn and pushing its way up the road you just let it pass and on its its way.

But shunting moves responsibility of driving from yourself and predicting other drivers to relying on them 100%. This with vehicles with poor brakes, speeding, poor maintenance and a lack of due care and attention.

The truck on the photo above shunted the car in front of it under a 4×4 pickup and the pick up was propelled into the two vehicles in front of it. The responsibility is obviously the truck at the back as it looks like everyone else was stationery in traffic.

Problem I have is that more often than not prevention is better than cure. But sweeping under the carpet makes the problem completely vanish.