The cycle of information on the Philippines is boring..

I often get into arguments over this topic purely because a lot of the stuff that is routine gets recycled more than a glass bottle. Where do I go for X, how do I get a tourist visa, etc etc. The problem is its written in what appears to be about a six month cycle on most forums and its leaked into the blog boom. Now you may think I am being grumpy about the subject but I just want to say “Google!” you don’t have to ask the question Google has it already in its answers in a lot of places already. Don’t encourage people to keep rewriting information please ask them something new!

Currently you have probably noticed TP is idling rather than full throttle and its down to several reasons. Firstly we have had our new son arrive and I am trying to spend more time with our daughter so she doesn’t feel left out. As well as the fact I have come across some interesting expats lately who don’t live in the condo villages and are living quite interesting lives. Generally I don’t get involved with religious groups or people on promotion as I have different views and like to stay neutral. But Chip came across me looking for something that I Can get in Cebu for him so we hit off a conversation and it inspired my curiousity to see what he was doing so I headed over to his blog and we discussed moving it over onto TP’s server so I can help promote what he is doing. A medical mission helping people without any current assistance which I thought if someone has done it off his own bat and willing to help others at his own cost then he deserves a bit of help. I hear so often Expat’s saying they want to help do something positive but so few actually do so here is Chips blog please drop by for a look :-

Now there are another few people who have got interesting lives currently going on in the Philippines and I am hopefully going to talk them into doing some blogging may not be a daily event but I am hoping they will cover the things that may their lives interesting. Because like most interesting people they rarely notice they are interesting because its normal to them. Where a concrete condo dweller is living at a complete opposite scenario to someone living on a remote island on a beach. The remote island living is something I am very keen on myself not as a full-time thing as business restraints wouldn’t allow but to actually just spend a few months doing it and learning to relax. Its surprising how complicated life is when you step back and look at it.

Anyway these will be on the backburner for now but please visit Chip’s blog site.