The blog isn’t about one thing?

When I look at how sites define they seem a bit puzzled as it described as “not about one thing”. But it is.. its called Life the most unique niche market there is out there. Different posts moving through daily life from everything going on in the news to family life don’t know what else is important in anyone’s life. Many blogs I come across are concentrating on things like life in the Philippines but only in an obscenely positive way which is why I don’t read them and I know many of the readers here ended up here after realising the same.

Nothing wrong with the positives mind but giving 100% I find is pretty much borderline lying as I have met people who arrived here thinking WTF? as what they read online is completely different to reality.

The beautiful views of the open seas from the house” sounds great except they didn’t mention the raw sewage that is washed down from the towns open drains above them giving them a beach that isn’t only filthy its full of human waste giving off a put ridge stench.

I write as I see things and sometimes I get it wrong but it comes down to information available at the time rather than rose tinted glasses looking at only positives in the world. I recently had a bad accident that dislocated my shoulder, cracked a few ribs and tore the tendons in my left ankle. I put it down to experience and learn from it. I didn’t post the information earlier purely down to the fact I didn’t want people worrying so started to heal first and well on the way to a full recovery. That is life, sometimes things happen that change your direction and often we need to remember that we aren’t 21 anymore and a fall has a risk of killing and not just a simple scrape. TropicalPenpals is full of life I write about restaurants because we eat in them. I write about politics worldwide because I worry about the changing world we are living in. Permaculture and Aquaponics because I believe if we can all make a small change its a big difference even if its just awareness. The most important thing is going along with things as they happen and that is how Tropicalpenpals is written from the first article until now its different days and stages in life that we reside in Cebu, Philippines but also the international things that affect people globally.

2 comments for “The blog isn’t about one thing?

  1. TropicalPenpals
    February 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    @OfficialDoctorG interesting blog your latest posts are a reflection of how i see the UK

    • OfficialDoctorG
      February 12, 2011 at 2:13 pm

      @TropicalPenpals I hope that’s a good view 🙂