The art of stupid conversation

The art of stupid conversation is something that seems to crop up too often in the Expat community and generally why people stop writing things like blogs or do what I have started doing which is removing the crab mentality and trolls. Today being a perfect example of someone complaining I deleted them off my Facebook because I didn’t agree with them. They missed the point there was no discussion as simply they had been trying to get a rise every time they posted something which is why I ignored the comments but at some point it just gets to the point where you say I have had enough of this constant negativity. The you won’t get a Piney live in a shipping container home argument has cropped up several times for example and as I have explained several times already people already DO live in shipping containers its not a new concept! so every time I post something about shipping containers to do with designs etc having the same people who obviously don’t read the other posts that covered the same “no pinay will live in a shipping container home” they would have realized its not only viable, possible its also been done. Bizarre though people find living in a steel shell so odd when most people have steel roofs in the Philippines in the first place yet that doesn’t seem such a crazy thing??

Either way trolling or just random stupidness will get you banned as I simply have neither the time or interest to entertain such nonsense. If someone had the common sense to discuss toxic paints in shipping containers or the fact the timber flooring was treated with harmful chemicals as pesticides then that would be an interesting conversation to cover the removal. But the “no pinay would live in container home” which is poor English grammar for a start as well as offering no explanation as to why or what I can’t be bothered to entertain go and bother someone else. May sound a bit grumpy with this but there are lots of people out there obviously who have nothing better to do who will appear just to cause disputes.

I can understand some of it coming from people bitter by the fact I removed myself from certain forums at the same time I have moved on from that no doubt your probably new to being an Expat and more than likely not living in the Philippines yourself which will rise many ego opinions thinking you no better etc. but guess what it all changes once you live here. Well I say live here most don’t manage 6 months never mind years the advice your getting fed and believe as gospel check how many people are actually here full-time and out of that how many are pensioned. Because the majority of those pensioned do not engage in local life never mind operate businesses or do things off the beaten track. But that’s the whole point for many of them they came here to retire problem is they haven’t organized things to do which is why they live on the internet mainly.