The Affects Of Pepper Spray– At Home In Cebu,Philippines

birdseye chilli pepper

I had started to work away in the office this morning and happily minding my own business when a strong burning smell appeared. I took an extra sniff as I didn’t recognise the smell and went to close the doors as I though a neighbour had been burning rubbish. It was about now I realised that the burning was in fact a tray in the grill burning away full of hot little birds eye chilli peppers. Problem was the air I was breathing in with the odour of the chilli’s also carried with it the affects of pepper spray. Opening up the doors and windows was quickly followed by induced vomiting, burning of the eyes,throat and face.

Not the way I had planned to start the morning and appears to be down to a faulty timer on the grill that hadn’t timed out leaving the grill switched on. I have now evacuated back to the house for a bit for a cold shower, inhale some water to clear the airwaves and to sit under a fan for an hour. Which is where I am writing this.. An interesting start to the day but can still see the funny side even after all the palava. But just be cautious of those little grills you come across in the Philippines as the timers do stick sometimes as its not the first time one hasn’t switched off here.