The adventures of Ewe

Scottish Ewe dressed in Kilt and Scottish T shirtIts a little strange being at home being able to watch Ewe develop every day as with my other children I was normally well away at work before they even woke up in the morning. I used to think I seen my kids “active” for around two hours a day due to the time I got back late as well just in time to have dinner before they went to bed. So being lucky enough to have Ewe wake me up everyday with a swift punch in the side and smiling is something that I missed with my other children and I have been lucky enough to see it with him. Every morning he wakes up and quietly smiles and talks to me in his own language. At the same time if he naps back or in the middle of the night he grabs me with his hand to make sure I am there. There is a strange feeling of being needed when it comes to kids and the responsibility and trust that they give you to make sure they are taken care of.Smiling baby Ewe

He develops by the day which makes things a bit more interesting as he’s now progressing when younger kids just seem to sit and not do a lot but now he’s got to the stage where he is not far off crawling and once that happens will need eyes in the back of our heads. Its funny also the fact compared to local babies that Ewe seems to be double the size if not more at the same age. Sat next to a six month old child he looked around one in comparison. Which is another reason I encourage mothers out there and fathers to encourage their partners to breast feed the child as the body development is completely different and very obvious. Of course Ewe does have a mix of a fairly large stocky Scotsman and a Cebuano but at the same time I am sure if more mothers knew the benefits of breast feeding they would change over for the sake of their child as well as the purse. Thanks for Nestle to being one of the worst companies on the planet to damage natural feeding!

Ewe saying mum

Now I know this post isn’t for everyone and generally I keep family out of my blogs because I think people may find the routine life stuff a bit boring to read. Although anything posted with Ewe on Facebook seems to get a lot of interest so who knows maybe I should post more.

But just wanted to update a few people out there on his development and what he’s been upto lately. We were at a friends wedding yesterday and it was surprising how many people wanted a photo with Ewe and today started noticing the photos appear on Facebook with people’s profiles a local celebrity at 4 months isn’t bad going and it seems that he’s going to be a bit of a lady’s man after the discussions the bridesmaids and friends of April were having at the wedding, talking about when he reaches school age the girls will be all over him.

Ewe laughing

Ewe with mum AprilWon’t mention too much about the wedding mind as that is for another post. I will cut this post off here as I am sure people are more interested in Ewe’s photos than what I have to say.