Thank you

Hi Matt,

I came across your Web site while searching for more information on LS Pension House. I just want to say thanks for taking time in getting to know the Philippines and its people and for being unbiased in your opinion. I enjoyed reading your insights into a lot of things, and for not being ashamed of professing your love for your wife and your two children. I believe this Web site will be a great help for British nationals and other foreigners who wish to visit the country, as well as dispel rumours about the Filipinos. I agree with you that majority of us do not mean harm, and in fact would go out of our way to make foreigners feel comfortable during their stay. I even hate seeing Filipinas take advantage of foreigners; it makes the rest of us who make an honest living look like gold-diggers.
I wish happiness and more love and fun for you and April in the years to come.

Mary Mae.

This is one of around 3 emails I have received over the last two years from people to say thank you regarding the blog. Something I appreciate yet something we rarely say to people these days it is something that everyone appreciates regardless of how small the task and I recommend anyone to say it for things done for them. You will be surprised with the results as it gives value to what people have done. I get frustrated sometimes with the lack of feedback on the blog and also that nobody wants to submit articles. Presently there are around 600 I have found,written,put together on this blog but virtually none from the 250+ readers that come here each day. Not that I’m complaining it just makes it difficult to get balanced views as I try to be un-biast but how can I have the view of someone who is 100% Filipino, American, Australian, German, Dutch etc.. when I have a different upbringing, experiences and lifestyle to most people in the United Kingdom? Sometimes in the Philippines there are things I just have to accept “as is” because to me it just isn’t logical but in the Philippines to my wife April it is. So I would just like to thank Mary Mae for her email and would like to encourage more writers aswell as readers. You may think your not contributing much but your part of the big picture. We place so much of the worlds future on education and learning knowledge is the gateway.

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  1. Anny Ad
    July 21, 2009 at 9:58 am

    very nice