Testing Out My New Canon Camera Lens On The Way Home


club ultima , Cebu , skywalk

After picking up the new lens wasn’t long until i started snapping away with shots on the way home to check its response, after having a faulty lens for some time it a little odd finding something that works! But have added the photos below from the route home. The first one is Club Ultima in Cebu as you can see the rain clouds are starting to gather. On the roof of Club Ultima they also do the skywalk from this angle you can get an idea of the height.


Shortly after we experienced a heavy downpour but pulled off the road and hid under a canopy in a church car park for 10 minutes, long enough for the heavy shower to stop. No point buying new camera equipment if it gets wrecked in the rain! The main reason I am looking for a waterproof bag.

kids jumping off bridge near srp, Cebu, Philippines 

As we headed up to the SRP we came across kids jumping in a waterway. Thing is as you can see from the background its full of shanty houses and the water is at best a dark shade of murky black/green. Kids must have some seriously strong immune system as its definitely not healthy.

SM at the SRP


What will become the new big development on Cebu at the SRP is currently less than a shell. This compound is pretty much all that seems to be going on except a bit of ground levelling. Does make you wonder if they missed the boat when it comes to the residential market as its already saturated in Cebu.

house minglanilla,cebu,philippines

One of the best sites in Minglanilla what used to be the old candle factory has been renovated into a beautiful home. Like the layout and style of the house and the first thing I see when I reach the main road from my place.

someones birthday but not mine! - Balloons on motorbike multicab in Minglanilla, Cebu

Ewe enjoying some Ceebeebies (UK TV) Ewe's first taste of an orange and enjoying it. Ewe's first taste of an orange and enjoying it. bath time zoei wilkie

As you can see spent a bit of time snapping photos all over the place and to be honest more than happy with the new lens. As the saying goes does exactly as it says on the tin. One down driving license to go.