Termite Treatment In The Philippines – Soilgnum

May be wrong here but I believe Solignum is a British brand (probably sold to the Chinese like everything else) as it carry’s the Scottish thistle on its can as well as the Royal Crest from the Queen.

At the same time I am never 100% how things work in the Philippines as often things aren’t exactly the same on the inside as they may appear on the outside. Such as the local paint thinners are sold in old glass beer bottles. But anyway I had a dilemma either throw out the bamboo bed or treat it. First issue being that the bed has varnish on it so wasn’t expecting great results, next was the fact I then treated it all topside before spinning it over to do the under, Not easy in a room that’s already full.

The results were that in the morning a quick bang of the bamboo the termites were dying all over the place, result! Well it was until I noticed some of them had moved onto my hardwood door which I hadn’t expected so another hour later that was also protected and luckily enough its the only pieces of wood in the apartment.

Word of warning though Solignum is highly toxic in many ways, didn’t read too much on the tin past “how to” but it did involve gloves, masks,apron which for me was usual shorts and flip-flops and a shower afterwards. Fumes were extremely strong so spent a couple of hours out of there.

Last night though something strange happened as I have never seen a cockroach up here before but I think they came up with the cardboard boxes that were downstairs which had been disturbed with me moving the bed around. The odd thing being cockroaches are normally pretty stealth like except when they walk over you as they move at high-speed and generally lurk in the dark. These though were acting like they were extremely drunk which to be honest they make my skin crawl at the best of times but being unpredictable wasn’t my best night. I had stopped up to play a name game on the computer which ended up a bit of a marathon event which is why it was in bug hours. There was slapping around in the kitchen as if a cat was in there but it was these two cockroaches. I swiftly gave them the flip-flop treatment and came up in the morning to sweep them out when I found this.

Bit of a murder scene photo but those little black things round the first cockroach are dead ants and they were in a large circle. Looked really strange to see around 100 ants all dead around this bug corpse. What I assume happened is the cockroaches had been nibbling on some of the treated saw dust that then poisoned them which is why they were going crazy. The ants then thought they were on to a nights eating to discover as they walked away they were also wiped out as well. I couldn’t find the trail back to the ant’s nest as simply the circle existed of the dead but in a rare white flag move the ants had retreated after their numbers were wiped out. One big victory for Matt taking out three pests in one hit. No doubt replenished 10 fold before I even woke up this morning mind!