Taking your Filipina wife abroad :- The importance of communication

When you take your Filipina partner from the Philippines you have to be aware you are taking them from everything they have known. The West is a completely different world and one of the most important things they have given you already is their trust.

You need to make sure you value it and continue to maintain it. Some of this involves making sure your partner can keep in touch back home. Everything they knew revolved around family life and the location they lived in. As such the bonds to it are extremely strong and keeping things going with Skype is a step in the right direction.

I preload my wife’s Skype account with phone credit as well due to having some relatives that are of an older generation not using smart phones or computers. So April will call her mother on the house phone and ask her to switch the computer on so they will Skype.

But on top of this there is also the importance of making sure your partner is happy. Do you talk enough? Do you ask her how she is doing? Are you including her enough with day to day things?
In the Philippines culture the home is the wife’s responsibility and as such many women prefer to maintain that way of life. A husband going to work with a creased shirt for example they will see it as their fault for not being a good wife. So if its bugging your partner it’s better to let them do these things if it makes them happy. As rejecting it you are likely to hear about it on a regular basis.

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