Taking time out


Today was a typical day which reminds you of why you came to the Philippines in the first place. Its sunny, its hot and more importantly there are resorts everywhere so cooling off in a nearby pool with some family and friends was an ideal way to relax. We are taking a bit of a breather for the next couple of months purely because we have all been so busy with getting projects finished from December that its about time we actually enjoyed some of the things the Philippines has to offer. Everyone had a great time at the pools and the only real bad thing was coming home to find out I had managed to get sunburnt and have what appears to be a bit of a batman mask where my sunglasses had been. Just hoping it fades in the next few days although can still see the funny side to it. 26187_118454118169680_100000152780322_299130_2543979_nZoei our daughter is also very keen on water as soon as we arrived she was wondering straight to the beach just quickly looking back now and again to see if anyone was following. The ideal thing about the resorts though is there is at least 3 within 5 minutes of the house all around the same price of P100 for the day per person although we always end up hiring a hut to eat, drink and rest in the shade. I will do a write up on the resort a bit later as its small but that actually adds benefits to it because its also clean. Most of the bigger ones I have been to generally have hygiene problems in the changing/toilet areas but here I couldn’t fault anything even the staff were nice. I also bumped into a couple of other expats who are on one of the forums im a member with which actually worked in our favour as one of the guys Erik has some information and contacts I could do with and he could benefit with some of mine. Result being we ended up chatting tonight to arrange something else for Saturday. Goes to show even when resting still have time to do develop business.