Taking Over One Of The Apartments As An Office

our office

Still in the middle of setting up the office as you can see (with the bamboo bed raised against the wall). I have decided to give it a couple of weeks in here to see how I can handle working alongside the neighbourhood we have bladed windows which is a bit like having a hole in the wall rather than any sound proofing. Good for air ventilation as the air travels through the windows during the day and then at the night I just close them up before the mosquito’s feeding time.

At the same time also looking at some aluminium framed windows but looking for double glazed units over single so far looking at P5,000 each and a lot of dust for a couple of days but only 3 windows really need replacing as the kitchen needs more ventilation to help remove any excess heat build up.

Why have I setup an office when I should be prepping for the UK? The UK is still on the cards although have severe concerns over the economy as nothing seems to have been done to improve things which can make an uncertain future long term. Yes the kids will still be looking at a UK education at the same time still looking at the options available and to do this I need the Philippines business side stable as I will need to head to the UK first to assess if its viable to move there full-time or a case of waiting for the kids to get older then make the move. If I do go to the UK for work though its likely I will look at a temporary visa for April and the kids to come and see the UK for themselves before making any decisions 100% that we may end up regretting in the future.

Has something changed with us? nothing to do with us I am still watching the UK economy closely to assess how viable its going to be over the next 10 years at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any real direction of the country to steer it out of its current economic problems. Which for us could be major problems long term as we would need to take on a house in the UK which locks me into the economy. Currently I can take an empty suitcase onto a plane go and work in the UK and come back with gifts from the UK and a huge wedge of cash. Kids on the other hand will need a good education and many things I see in the Philippines are questionable if its possible here as its not just ABC’s and 123’s but the instilled corruption and acceptance. The problems of people following instead of leading these are major problems in society not only in the Philippines but the UK the only difference in the UK is that the environment the kids will be brought up in is around other kids with parents from business rather than Joe public. Giving them a strong network of friends for the future as well as being able to take on similar characteristics of spending time with business minded people and their kids.

From the office point of view I am starting to see the website stuff starting to increase in revenue monthly which is another important factor in deciding where we go from here as it won’t be long until I can see the business online being big enough to take on a couple of people.