Tabunok Public Market Moves To Gullas-Macapagal Market Lagtang – Talisay,Cebu,Philippines

The tabunok market sat in a premium bit of land that has now been emptied by local government for redevelopment. The main reason the market vendors didn’t want to move is that it sits at a cross roads between different busy parts of the area including one road heading in from the mountains. Problem for the vendors is the relocation is further up the road towards the mountains taking it away from the junction and a lot of its usual trade. If your not familiar with how the Philippines works the bridge the photo is taken from you can jump off a Jeepney and be in the market. The new market is now a walking distance from the road but generally people in the Philippines don’t like to walk too far so for the majority it would be a ride in one of the tricycles you see below the bridge which adds an extra 2 fares to going to the market (1 there and 1 back) yet if they stay on the Jeepney they can be in Gaisano Fiesta mall which has a grocery store without being charged any extra fare. As well as the fact prices don’t differ much here unlike other countries where you would often find the market foods better quality and often cheaper than supermarkets. Welcome to Philippines Monopoly maybe someone should do a monopoly board game for the country would be an interesting one to see. But more than just the fare costs there has been a substantial increase in rent cost in the new Gullas-Macapagal market as well as traders are expecting a heavy decline in trade.

Tabunok Public Market

The day of the forced move didn’t go as smoothly as hoped where police were forced to enter the old market due to 200 vendors refusing to leave. Three Molotov cocktails were recovered (petrol bombs) as well as an 18 year old Archie Villaflor was arrested for possession of a .38 pistol and ammunition. Some of the vendors tried to continue to do trade even though the market was fenced and closed.

  “Only our loyal customers bought from us. We earned only a little,” said vendor Pely Destillore.

The local Talisay City Council tried to white wash over the deal by throwing in four months free rent at the new Gullas-Macapagal market, at the same time vendors had doubts over the new markets safety due to being built over the river and the location being so far from trade. As you can see from my last post regarding Kosin Grill location is paramount to success here due to the minimum profits involved. The vendors are well aware they are about to see a slow death to their trade at the same time no doubt some developer is going to prosper on the old market site at their expense. Or should I say at the general publics expense, as I can see something developing here that will probably be interconnected with local government and private enterprise.

Tabunok Public Market closed - taken today 4th Sept 2011Tabunok Public Market closed - taken today 4th Sept 2011Tabunok Public Market closed - taken today 4th Sept 2011

Tabunok road to Lagtang, Talisay, Cebu, Philippines

If your wondering why the road looks so busy its because the parking area for the market before was full of tricycles now thrown out of the market they are congesting up the road. Doesn’t look so bad today but its Sunday, also when it rains this section of road floods.