T shirt design wanted for TropicalPenpals.com

funny penguinsWith recent developments and looking to spend more time on the road it would be nice to give away T-shirts to people I meet on the trips. As I want this to be a Philippines experience rather than me just pottering around on a motorbike. Which for me also means engagement of readers from different areas as we will no doubt pass through at some point and would love to meet up with people as we do. First reason is nice to meet some of the readers of the blog but secondly you know where everything is in your area! A bit of advice on what is best in your area is what we are looking for to help build up information on TropicalPenpals.com but also it helps promote tourism for everyone in the Philippines.

Now the first issue we have is new T-Shirts need a new design and it would be good for it to be witty. Well has to be at least funny if not witty! How or what you come up with is up to you I am not adding specifics in as I think it should be a free range idea and concept and in return you will get the first T-Shirt printed as well as an article written about you on TropicalPenpals including links to your website/blog. Also when I am in your area a free lunch.

2 comments for “T shirt design wanted for TropicalPenpals.com

  1. rick
    July 12, 2011 at 3:39 am

    ok so do you have any idea on the type of printing you will be doing? shirts are usually silkscreened which means you need to make a plate for each color. the more colors the higher the cost. the alternate is to have transfers made. with these you print four color process (like brochures). no limit on colors but the art looks a bit blurry because of the process used to print and transfer the shirts. so whats it going to be?


    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      July 12, 2011 at 6:31 am

      Depends on the design to be honest as the T shirts will be white (due to the heat in the Philippines). Getting screens made won’t be an issue as we have had some custom made before by a friend of ours. There may also be stitched shirts in the future with pocket logo’s (polo shirts). If the design isn’t over complicated as a Logo.