Supporting local expat businesses in the Philippines

There is a lot of negativity revolving around doing business in the Philippines and often issues that damage a business are other expats publically complaining or spreading things about them or associated people. From time to time I will get emails telling me how bad someone is trying to damage their business. In reality the Philippines is a hard enough place to do things without it being made a lot harder by the community that in theory should support it more than most. Wing Yip in Birmingham UK is a prime example of immigrant Chinese developing a strong business and community within its area of the UK. If the Chinese,Pakistani, Indian and many other countries migrant populations do it why is it so hard for Westerners to do the same?

I admit I do give some people a hard time but its mainly down to things online related because they are selling things they shouldn’t. A restaurant you only have to browse through TropicalPenpals to find numerous free postings to promote their ventures as well as other types of businesses. In reality we should be helping where we can not running down, now I know a lot of people want money for doing something and its why they won’t promote anything without hard cash. I know a person who runs a forum and one that owns a large blog where both expected cash for very little work. In reality if your promoting the Philippines promote it! improved revenues from advertisements on your pages over the next 10 years for good articles about businesses and their associated owners should be more than enough of a thank you. At the same time often people will give you free meals, beer etc. and no doubt that has been lapped up and I hear online people saying its a biast bribe or that they don’t accept gifts for a positive post. There is nothing at any point that says you have to give a FAKE post. Most places I have reviewed I am in there at least 30 – 40 minutes before the owners are even aware of who I am. Its about painting a real picture and also promoting a network of foreigners in the Philippines that help each other.

Locals think foreigners they think loud mouthed,impatient and may be doing something illegal. This has been caused by the fact we have a lot of the worst of the worst in the Philippines as catching someone on America’s most wanted living out his life in the Philippines shows! Sex offenders come here because its lapse in security and doesn’t filter people out at the airport, people will say but the Philippines wouldn’t survive without the sex industry and to that I would say over 10,000 children got left behind without support when the American troops moved out dumping that burden on the Philippines people. It doesn’t need it! In reality the Philippines is struggling to shake off its criminal image and it being a sex tourist hot spot isn’t helping, for the media its like Christmas every day as they don’t have to look far to show a pervert,child abuser or illegal business activities by a foreigner. Only people that can improve that image is me, you and Mr Joe Public.

If you have a business you want us to promote on or even help you develop an online presence just drop me an email at I want foreigners to be recognised as a good thing for the country here and abroad. I am hopeful we can do it as proving people here doing business are successful and how it boosts the local economy will be a positive thing for all.