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With a bit of time on our hands today and the fact it had started raining while we were at a nearby mall we headed into Sunburst for lunch. We come here from time to time and the nearest branch to us is in Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Tabunok, Cebu. The restaurant is what can be described as a mid-range type of restaurant fairly well laid out and generally not too busy in comparison to places like Jollibee. Its food is also a bit more upmarket than the fast food restaurants which is the main reason we hop from restaurant to restaurant as we enjoy trying Sunburst Chicken Currynew and interesting foods. Being that myself and April are keen curry lovers we tucked in to the chicken curry that was available. Its a bit disappointing compared to curries I am used to back in the UK as it lacks any real strength being more a mix of a curry sauce with food thrown in which although tasty isn’t what I would call a real curry. The other issue being for a chicken curry it did lack “chicken” and more of a vegetable curry with a couple of small pieces of chicken thrown in.Mango Shake

The mango shake on the other hand hit the spot as it was fairly sweet and slipped down well. Good flavour, texture and cold a  great companion to the dinner. We ordered some chips (fries!) as well reason being that its a good Chips (Fries)dip for the curry giving a bit more of a plate filler as well as helping to reduce the water content in the curry sauce. The chips tasted pretty good to be honest quite crunchy and not fatty.

As we decided to do a review we also added a few more bits to the table including the cheese burger. A lot of work had gone into the burger and its meat was very tasty although could have gotten Sunburst burger and crispsaway with not having the sauce they add to the bottom of the burger. The crisps (chips) they added to the side of the plate were also a good addition and showed that this would be a great quick lunchtime meal. Since I was having the burger April went for something a little more interesting although part of the budget lunchtime range which Pancit Cantonwas the Pancit Canton. Disappeared quickly so must have tasted good. I also like the fact they add toast as I find it helps fill out these types of meals that are generally noodle based.

We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere in the restaurant was fairly quiet at the time. The layout of the restaurant is also fairly open plan and clean. Ideal for dropping by for business or family use as well as not too heavy on the wallet. There are Sunburst restaurants scattered all over the place which is why we haven’t added phone numbers although I do know the one in Gaisano we use does do house deliveries which we sometimes do if too busy to get out of the house for dinner. Will be going back again sometime soon and definitely recommend the burger the curry is coming off my food of choice though maybe work through some of seafood dishes instead.



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