Suicide rates in the Philippines

Suicide isn’t something that comes up to often in Philippines society and discussing it with people the main reason seems to revolve around burial and that “suicide is a sin”. So the real figure of suicide isn’t a true one as accidental deaths get recorded instead of suicide which doesn’t help with the prevention of these deaths which more often than not could be prevented by early intervention.

Locally one of our neighbours daughters hung herself a couple of years back still a child at school. A newspaper boy jumped off one of the overpass bridges a couple of weeks ago near the SSS building and the Expat community seems to have an odd mix of self inflicted deaths such as the person who jumped off the bridge at Mactan or the Expat’s that drink themselves to death.

Now you may think this article is all doom and gloom but its not supposed to be the point is if your struggling to deal with things I am here to listen and not judge. Generally life will always throw up times when we all get run down and talking about the problems can often help eleviate the stress and problems that come about with life these days. So if your interested in chatting you can message me at either via Yahoo or MSN.

3 comments for “Suicide rates in the Philippines

  1. Mchristine077
    February 1, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Hi Matt, yes indeed, suicide in the Philippines has come to my attention recently. When I was in the Philippines in December, I visited my dentist to have a checkup. He had a new assisstant who did not seem to know what she was doing. So I asked where his usual assisstant was. He then told me that she committed suicide back in October, boyfriend problems. The girl was only 19! Then going back to Manila last year, I heard that one of the boys that my brother used to play with suicided 3 years ago. When I asked what was the reason, I was told that he was fed up of being poor and no prospects. Really, the prospect of youth suicide in the Philippines is probably higher than we realized, but mental health care is non-existent.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      February 1, 2011 at 9:39 am

      The big problem is the Philippines ignores the problem as if it doesn’t exist. Probably the last decade is probably one of the worst times for Filipinos as well as other nations as simply kids are being brain washed from the what is luxury to the “I need” as an essential item. Drama’s on TVs as well have become more excessive in how they see things. All these things reflect on kids growing up in a world they feel they are second best and unable to keep up with the Jones’s the internet is also a way this is made worse as it shows the poor what they are missing out on. Partly why I get irritated by the “one day millionaire sydrome” I see with some OFWs and some women who marry foreigners. They rub their friends and relatives nose in the fact they have got more money than them parading around with fake Prada and a second hand Pajero as if its something to be proud of. There is nothing to be proud of a nation that abuses its own people to feed the rich. There is nothing to be proud in the fact that leaving others behind to parade wealth their relatives will never see.. for me its just vulgar.. These and many other things are the reason for the rise in suicides but also I wonder what the real figures are as no doubt there is no real accounting as it would then mean accountability.

  2. Jenine Newfoundfreedom Smith1
    April 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

    You wanna know what I think. I hate the fact that our country, the USA, flashes to the world how cool it is to be an American. It’s not cool and I’m sick of it! We’re no better than China, Cuba or any other third world dictatorship or third world country. It’s nothing but a damn smoke screen out here and I’m not surprise to hear about a few people in the Philippines killing themselves. Seriously, we have taken Filipinos and other forgotten third world people for granted for years. I’ve had enough!