Style Gala 2010 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino – July 17th

Stylissimo style gala poster

Tomorrow July 17th 2010 the fashion event dubbed “Style Gala 2010” will showcase fifteen aspiring models who will be introduced to the public after completing their basic fashion modelling workshop that began this summer. Mentors from the fashion and events industry of Cebu extended their expertise to train and work on the skills, knowledge and the attitude of the modelling students. This will be the first time the students are able to show off what they have learned in an event that will be memorable to all those who visit. Remember to take your camera!

Style Gala will also be giving special awards to the deserving students who excel on various fields of modelling. best in runway, best in posing, best in hosting, pageant potential and other awards. good luck to all the sessionistas and congratulations for making this far!!! welcome to the fashion industry!!! STYLISSIMO!!!