Struggling for valid information on Minglanilla child murder

As like most media stories here in the Philippines they often become “stories” because of speculation and today is quickly becoming like that as many of the facts don’t seem to be materialising like they should. A German national was earlier claimed to be arrested but is now being sought as he wasn’t arrested even though it had been reported he had. On a positive note they have identified the suspect but at the same time it only appears the sketch appeared on TV!! as I am trying to locate the sketch to have it put online so it can spread throughout the internet to help speed up the chances of catching the suspects involved. Several years ago a similar abduction was attempted in a mountainous part of Minglanilla and children involved at that time have identified the female sketch as very “similar” to that of the person who tried to abduct them back then.

If you managed to get a copy of the suspect please send it ASAP so I can get it online and hopefully we can get rid of these people for good. I apologise for the speculative reports but what is happening is I get information which is validated by more than one source then its often mixed with other information “they heard” which then confirms things instead of the “FACTS ONLY” which I requested. The German is still from Minglanilla and resided in Tungkil at Deca homes. The autopsy facts released by the media seem inconclusive in comparison to the information I received by others so I won’t put information here as simply it can’t be confirmed and the media is often “wrong” and never apologise or admit mistakes with follow up stories.