Strong opinions on things don’t really matter

There is an odd thing I discovered in the Philippines with the time I have been here and that’s the number of people with strong opinions that will never change. At the same time I am happy to wander off and leave them to it you will often find a sour bitterness that has crept in on them probably over years which grinds at them.

I do have strong political views and generally I will get in debates, once the debate is finished though that’s it I just close the book on that chapter and go find something else to do as its all irrelevant. E.g. Libya where so many people tell me “its nothing to do with oil its humanitarian” yet in the same period of time as the invasion (can’t say intervention as we have only backed one side) the Ivory coast has been in turmoil and humanitarian assistance anyone?? nope.. at least 800 people were murdered in one town alone. No oil there I take it yet the news headline yesterday out of the BBC of “rebels now beginning to export oil” pretty much says it all. But that’s it like most things I just want people to have a think there is no right or wrong for the majority of people as simply our active numbers are few and the majority don’t care. Which basically means the debate is about as far politically anything will happen in an online pub like manner.

But what you find here though is some people take things seriously that don’t matter such as creating a divide between retired and expat they don’t understand the difference between working and sitting on a pension. Me like many other people I know work and although I appreciate good advice and generally I talk to people about their businesses that are associated with things I am up to as well as try and network them with other people in their lines I don’t appreciate the grumpy old retiree whining that it won’t work,can’t work or locals will do it cheaper etc etc. because when you ask have they tried it before 99% of the time it will come back “no I’m retired” and they heard how it can’t,shan’t and won’t work from other retirees who haven’t done it either.  Which is why it gets back to if your retired its fine and if you have experience in something its useful. But at the same time if you don’t know and haven’t experienced don’t get irritated when told to stop giving advice on things you don’t know about. A recent forum was discussing me after I stirred up a storm in a tea cup by telling them why I was leaving their forum their defence was that I thought I know it all when in fact I was stating the obvious that most of them don’t live in the Philippines, most are retired or about to be and the advice pool on what is important to me and other people in business on there was virtually none existent. Its a simple matter of not wasting any more time for me and moving on to pastures new. Although think the forum should be rebadged from PhilippineSexpat to PhilippinesRetiree as its a bit misleading. Not a jab at the forum itself as simply I will be old in another 30 years and will no doubt be doing the same stuff as them when I hit the golden years but right now I and others in younger generations are here working which would be nice if they dropped away from having an attitude about it and realise it doesn’t matter what I think about them the same as I haven’t read or got an interest about the chatter they are writing about me.

The important thing is if its about chatting about daily life and finding the best coffee etc its fine and even I do the grocery stuff lately because I use 4 supermarkets to get the stuff I want so sharing that information must be useful to others. At the same time having only that isn’t any use to people like me and I know it may come as a surprise but there are a lot of younger people here that are interested in doing more interesting things such as Kite boarding etc. not including looking for ways to make ends meet on a daily basis. Its two sides of a coin and your welcome to the retired side as its where your lives are.

An important thing to everyone out there though is I don’t bare any grudges with anyone I haven’t got the interest, time or even came across something that would even bother me in the least. Which is why when the ramblings appear on here for time to time I just let them rumble on as its construction of new things I want not deconstruction. Fresh ideas, new beginnings, new contacts and fresh blood into the community to help it be dragged out from the Sexpat drunk hell that damages the western reputation so much into a community that is actually beneficial to the local community as well as expats instead of this like it or lump it that seems to exist with the “Philippines needs the sex industry”. Being a positive contribution to society is more important than personal egos or gain.