Street Kids Robbing From A Truck In Traffic – Mandaue,Cebu,Philippines

Truck that was robbed registration FWV 323

We were sat behind this truck in traffic registration number FWV 323 in Mandaue,Cebu as we were on route to a birthday party.  We noticed a few of the rugby boys as they are called locally (Rugby glue sniffing) working their way between traffic and hassling people at the windows begging when one of them noticed some plastic buckets and a hat in the undercarriage of the truck. That was quickly stolen and also encouraged his friends to grab whatever they could find under the truck on both sides which included the tyre lever, jack and a few other things.

Street kids stealing in CebuStreet kids stealing in CebuStreet kids stealing in CebuStreet kids stealing in CebuStreet kids stealing in Cebu

A good reason not to give them any money along the road, as it only encourages them to be there as well as the fact they spend the money glue sniffing. I have no sympathy for thieves regardless of poverty or not. If we all steal from each other we get into the realms of why bother having anything. If Mandaue PNP aren’t too busy maybe they might take a bit of time out to arrest these thieves before they do something more serious.

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  1. Lars
    October 27, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    I was pick pocketed in Mango Ave. one night 3am by a gang of very young girls around 10 years old. I had a valet in my hand with P9,000 inside. The girls suddenly surrounded me and began to distract me with questions, touching me repeatedly all over, asking me for money and generally stressing me very much. When I finally managed get inside the car I found that my valet was empty of all the money. Somehow the gang had managed to get the money out of my valet while stressing and distracting me. I am normally not easily fooled and this has never happened me in my 10 years in Cebu. I honestly can say that I didn’t noticed them picking out the money while leaving my licenses and and credit cards.

    Some bystander witness offered to help me find them and we drove around Fuente Osmena and Lopez where they resided. They where not in Lopez but had left for Talisay to buy drugs, a neighbor told me. I went back to Fuente police station and they wouldn’t even put incident in the blotter. It was so common, many victims have been robbed there. I asked the police why they don’t arrest the children or asked DSWD take care of them. The Policeman told me they are ‘professional’ child gangs from Mindanao and other provinces. Trained and very clever pick pockets. They cannot be arrested by the Police as they are minors and DSWD don’t have space for them.

    So they are left roaming the streets at night and robbing foreign tourist and Koreans. Two Koreans managed to catch two of the robbers the other day, according to the news. I have been searching for the gang two or three nights after the incident but never got sight of them again.

    This is a political and social problem, our local government should issue a curfew for children and DSWD should be provided with more space or find other solutions to house the children i.e. temporarily rent safe houses for the children. I asked the police at Fuente station if they could cooperate with the many local guards around Mango square but the police said the security guards were not interested in helping out.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 28, 2011 at 3:46 am

      Problem in the cities is mass migration mixed with a lack of new infrastructure to support the needs of the people. Will eventually pan out over time yet the constant escape abroad mentality for most Filipinos will keep driving people in from remote areas in the hope of finding a better life. Talking to Jovie she meantioned that down in Negros some of the people in the mountains manage ok on P80 for 3 days.