Strange wildlife in the Philippines

Its heavy rain in good measure today and as I headed over to the internet cafe this morning I was wondering past my multicab which has an electrical fault so been sat up for the last few months especially when the crazies decided to block up the driveway access out of madness. But as I walked past I had to do a double take as I thought I had seen a chicken inside it. But I was right there was a chicken and at least 10 eggs laid on the passenger seat. Now I wasn’t sure if it should be evicted as the eggs are obviously a rental payment but after kicking it out anyway as it would be nice to get the vehicle running again soon and chicken manure in the vehicle isn’t the look or odour I was going for I headed on into the net-cafe.

The problem we have had for about a week now is a small rat got into the net-cafe via the new soil pipe hole (which is now complete so it can’t get back out). Its an interesting rodent as it will literally walk right up to you and then if you move makes a run for it before it quickly vanishes similar to the green mile. The sticky paper is going to have to come out to get rid of it once and for all although was hoping the cats or dogs would have found it but only thing I have seen the cats hunt is cockroaches and the dogs seem preoccupied with sexual habits which makes me wonder is there such a thing as a gay dog or are they just not fussy?