Strange Things With Smart Bro

computer frustration Recently odd faults developed with my Smart Bro internet and pretty much I think we have managed to get the connection stable except for our secondary router. We have the connection from the roof coming down into a router that then has a cable connection to another router giving us two WiFi connections. Unplug the secondary one and all is fine, connect it and you start to see the internet come on and off constantly. Now I do know the neighbours I am swapping free internet with for electric (because the other connection is for a tenant away from the house on wifi) play online games which often drag the connection down to unbearably slow levels. At the same time I can’t believe its causing this on the internet connection and must be a fault between the routers. Any ideas are much appreciated as no doubt its an issue other people come across if feeding an internet connection around a restaurant or large compound. I generally use my connection in the evenings for writing on the blog and the odd download so no issues in sharing it as long as its not swamped to the point it won’t work.