Strange individuals with random opinions

Another early morning bout of abuse from what I can only describe as someone either a really backwards Filipino as their English is the worst I have come across or a troll thinking its funny to use a fake account as they have nothing better to do. Either way I do wonder why the bother to come on here, you see a blog is a personally written archive of information and data relating to specific people and writers. Its not a generalisation which is why the data will normally stick to a specific way of life or direction because its normally only got one writer.

Bit like going to a library and picking your favourite author the library may have books on the Philippines yet you can pick which ones you want to read as some won’t be written the way you like them. I think this is where the internet has gone a bit astray and counterproductive as its released these nut jobs into the general society who assume everything follows one course. We don’t live in the Matrix although I am sure a few people like to think they are a star of a movie somewhere when in fact they are more like Joe blogs on the end of the broom sweeping up after the show.

But what is the problem of being normal? I know its a social problem and one I seen all over Brixton prison when I worked on a contract there where people think or want to be the next big thing yet doesn’t anyone realise the next big thing is a ONE in millions? Which is probably why the internet frustrations appear sending abusive emails in a child like manner odd thing is the majority of people who do it regarding the Philippines are 50+ which does make me wonder what else do they have going in life if they need to concentrate hours into someone else’s blog or site. I admit I do justify why I leave somewhere and will leave ONE email or message but without abuse just reasons I find it doesn’t work for me. Its not arrogant or counter productive as the reasons I normally state are the same ones people tell me they have stopped using the same thing for I just make the owners aware of what is going wrong with their site (notice I didn’t say blog as its an individual and by choice writing the way they do). Normally end up with abuse from the owners which is fine as like I said its they’re site if they don’t want to increase membership due to being flexible its fine.

Its an odd world these days and the Philippines does seem to be the Mecca of madness sometimes within the Expat groups as it seems to attract the worst types of people. Am I sticking myself on a pedestal? Well take that 4 suicides in less than 12 months to 8 as well as knowing of 2 people on heavy medication for mental illness, 6 child abusers operating in an area of Cebu city I can’t discuss in more detail as they are under investigation. Not to mention the Sex industry as an enterprise here in Cebu am I getting warm? The UK mental health I know 1, suicides 1, child abusers 0, sex industry 2, difference in the UK is its within tens of thousands of people I meet on a regular basis due to the type of work and contracts I deal with not hundreds. This is or has become the problem in the Philippines the worst of society lives here from other countries not sure of the percentages as I am sure Interpol and other organisations probably have a huge list of previous convictions and mental issues of people living in the Philippines from abroad.

So all I can say is abusive emails its fine but at least make them either valid or funny because after today I won’t be replying to any of them unless they are. Being abusive to myself or my wife in emails yet not knowing either of us just reminds me of playground mentality and simply its uncalled for and you have obviously got more problems in your life than you care to admit to yourself which is why your venting frustration at others.

Me personally I am content with life which I may sound at times a bit frustrated but that is simply down to timescales not keeping on target and generally I am just going through life quite happily. Things are progressing and like this weekend my Airsoft team is holding an event so got things to keep me busy on top of everything else I normally do. Won’t be a millionaire next week but then again its more about doing things with your life and quality of life than anything else. I work long hours currently but at home with my kids and wife around me. What about you? If your one of the people who find they need to email me because they are so unhappy take a time out and instead of being argumentative and frustrated trying to channel your anger into some childish email try to change your own life to make yourself happy for a change.