straight information on moving to the Philippines for a foreigner

Hi Matt,
Thank you very much for responding…

Maybe you can help me, in getting some straight information’s on moving to the Philippines!!!
I’m 59 year old man; single and retired… living in New Jersey USA
I have been considering to relocate in a more friendly and affordable country!!! Where I will be able to live a comfortable and relaxing life!!! For whatever time… God will give me!!! 
I have been doing some research about the Philippines!!! And I’m getting very mixing and different information’s….
I’m planning a trip to Cebu in early September… and I would appreciate to have few first hand information’s regarding living in the Philippines!!! Before I make the trip;
Based on your personal experiences!!!

Questions and answers.. It would be a long single post so have broken it up into several dealing with each question :-
What would be necessary to live a comfortable life in a nice area in Cebu…?

It’s better living in the city???  or in the surround areas????

What would be to rent for a nice apartment… in a good neighborhood????

What would be the average fix-cost on the monthly base???

What you think that the average monthly food expenses would be???

Listed on the above link.
How ease is to go around without a car… or it is necessary to have a personal transportation???Answered on first Answer – Advise NOT having your own vehicle here.
What would be the cost for cleaning services????

How is the health care in your areas????

And most of all how ease, would be for a foreigner to get accepted by the locals???

I would immensely appreciate any other necessary information’s that you may feel would be helpful to me!!!
Thank you very much, for all your time and consideration…
Warm regards,