Steve Jobs Dies Of Cancer

As the death of Steve Jobs hits covers across the internet it takes many by shock due to his death at 56 especially for those unaware of his health issues battling cancer. I remember him resigning from CEO of Apple and a lot of people were “what now?” unaware of the health related connection to the man who shaped the iPhone and iPhone technology. In reality Steve Jobs hadn’t just become a company owner but his compulsion to make things the way he wanted resulted in simplicity and functionality on all the products produced.

For me though deaths have happened a lot in recent years with key people not only in things we see, do and own but generally people that you least expected to die at an early age. Ultimately its why the thoughts of travel are more important about planning and doing than leaving until its too late. We often wish we had done something when we had the chance or put it off for some reason but in reality grasping life with 2 hands and achieving what you want in life is more important than anything else.

Steve jobs definitely seemed to have lived out his technology dream and with the company he originally joint founded out of a garage in 1976. Although ousted a decade later returned in 1997 and made the company what it is today. Odd thing is when you look at Apple you see what China may become if they get a grip on quality, as Apple’s product ranges often start with other peoples ideas and inventions and then Apple shamelessly copies and improves on other peoples initial concepts.

"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas," Jobs said in an interview for the 1996 PBS series "Triumph of the Nerds."