Starting at the beginning – buying our first lot in Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

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As this is our first year of marriage it is also a great time to start the blog as the information will be more relevant as we struggle through the first year. I returned to the UK at the end of January to begin work and start planning to make our future in the Philippines. It was a very hard time for me and I had been forced to drop into factory work which I wouldnt say I hate but at the end of the day if you know your education can make you 3 – 4 times the salary than jetwashing down car parts you get the picture. But i did it and clocked up the hours 12 – 16 a day. I had made  a promise that we would buy a lot of land back in Cebu and with the current land price growth I was worried that not only may I end up breaking a promise but also the price could get hiked. I was just getting back above water, had purchased a laptop, a car so i could search further a field for work and some work although I was unsure on how long it would last. I was a bit down with such a poor salary but there was always tomorrow. By now I was starting to save money for the lot and the person selling was starting to ask when it was going to be paid, could we make a deposit? Which we did and it cleaned me financially out. But then a turn round in workload suddenly pushed my salary back up to where it usually is and we made the final payment. At last we now had a foothold in Cebu a place that we could now call our own.

I continued to work we had the land cleaned up a bit and began looking forward to creating out house. It was now heading towards the end of May and work had taken a downward turn due to company politics and rather than sitting on my hands waiting for it to pickup I made the decision to head home. I arrived in the Philippines at the start of June and currently still here. Since then we have bought piglets to fatten for market, built a piggery, bought a multicab and the typhoon knocked all our fences down on our lot. Currently everything is on hold until I go back to the UK due to starting to get a bit low on cash to start the house building, but after much thought and planning we have made the decision to make the house from shipping containers. Ive added a few photos below. Some of the lot and a coupe of the first stages of the house build plans.

mountain lot minglanilla

mountain lot minglanilla

mountain lot minglanilla, palm trees,banana plants

mountain lot minglanilla, palm trees,banana plants

As you can see its still got a long way to go but the location is at the top of some hills and the back of the lot has some great views. At the moment we need to concentrate on completing the fences before we start installing pads to take the containers. The driveway is also something that needs to be installed shortly. We have a couple of issues with the neighbours at the moment currently the water from washing down theyre piggery is flowing into our lot but hopefully the concrete wall foundations will put a stop to that. The other is the dumping of manure on the right of way. This will also stop once the concrete drive is built. One thing I like about the container type construction is that its fairly liveable in stages aswell as not having to worry about materials being stolen which is a major problem with hollowblock construction. We already own a welding machine the next thing we will be needing is some cutting tools and a forklift.

shipping container home plan,shipping container home blueprint

Although the plan doesnt look to great on here you get the idea. This is a 2 bedroomed bungalow but later another 3 containers will be added to make an upstairs area. The outside of the containers will be covered in reflective sheeted foam to reduce heat. Then cladded over. Once complete you are unlikely to recognise this as a container style of home. As many of the internal walls will also be altered to open the home up.

If its something your interested in too please feel free to email me or leave a comment.

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