Starting an export business in the Philippines

Starting an export business in the Philippines can be a complicated event. I would also say there are easier countries to deal with due to the levels of corruption that currently exist in the Philippines. This video is mainly a warning to let people know its not as simple as they may assume. Bribes and corruption are rampant in this sector because it’s the lifeline to the country.
It’s the playground of the cartels and as such its very difficult for Filipinos to trade effectively never mind someone from outside. Many business ventures have failed due to access of good regular imports. As well as some that have had similar issues going out of the Philippines. An example of this was a Korean computer company in Makati who was held to ransom because customs officials wanted a regular “contribution”. When he paid it the business started to function again but they had no problem in hindering his business until bankruptcy. This is the big problem in the import/export enterprises is currently its very difficult to move goods cheaply and efficiently.