Starting a Piggery in the Philippines – Piggery Advice.

There has been a lot of interest in the piggery business and the truth is it can work but its not easy work. Firstly the price of meat is very low which keeps the profit to a minimum. Very little room to expand into a larger scale business and the feeds aren’t controlled properly so even with a 4 – 5 month fattening plan you can literally see your profit disappear as the feed prices go up yet the meat prices stay the same.. So how can you make it work?

Piggery in the Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie (12)Piggery in the Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie (1)Piggery in the Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie (9)Piggery in the Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie (10)

1. Cut out the middle man sell direct to your neighbours.
2. Process the meat, a pig = small profit but sausages and bacon?
3. Mix in your own feeds creating 30% of the feeds yourself by growing crops on unused land will be an extra 30% capital staying in your pocket.
4. Don’t employ people. Simply its too expensive and the bigger the piggery the more people are required, if your looking large scale find your market for sales first.
5. Do your homework. Don’t leave things to chance things aren’t guaranteed anywhere else in the world so why leave things to chance here? Talk to people already buying where do they get they’re pigs from?
6. Breed the pigs, I first looked at the figures that I had and the yield was good over a year and maybe still so but your looking at around P2,500 for a good quality piglet. Don’t buy cheap pigs, cheap breeding makes pigs low in weight and at the end of the day your in the weight business.
7. Don’t expect instant success. Its a business that you will find a lot of trial and error over time. As well as finding the best feeds to give the highest weights with the lowest cost.
8. Look long-term. The investment in the pigs should be at least a 2 – 3 year investment and you will find in the first year very little profit if any. Why? Because technology is needed, pig pens, stocks.. One major investment in this business is getting the air right for the pen as well as an electric pump for water. Get the pump connected to a hose to create good water flow for washing the pigs down not just for hygiene but to keep them cool. Sick pigs are expensive pigs.
9. What is the best design for a piggery? This depends where you are to be honest. If i was more into the provinces I would likely go all native for several reasons. The main ones being the fact the Nipa and bamboo are cooler for the pigs during the day as well as the fact they are a lot cheaper to build.
10. Think of your neighbours, Filipinos don’t generally bother each other unless there is a reason for an issue. The smell of strong pig urine is one of those reasons that could cause a falling out with a neighbour. Best way to deal with this is to invite them over for a few beers and a chat. Talking about it will get rid of the problem.

Well that a quick run down on a piggery. To be honest i will keep investing in pigs because we already have invested in the pens and the first batches. But the money could have been a better investment somewhere else. But then again I’m about to start turning pork into more saleable meats. As well as having some new ideas on how to get the best money out of the porkers.