Staff Disappearing In The Philippines

Another week goes by and yet another nanny bites the dust that’s now number three in less than two years high turnover you start to think what is it that makes people so unreliable is it us?

Well the first one found out she was pregnant after a few months of being here yet even this story is a bit more complicated than it should be as she wasn’t aware of the rule of law regarding people needing parental concent for marriage due to her age, In reality her marriage is likely to be non binding for that reason. On top of that the location she’s gone back to is remote with only one neighbour on the next hill which makes sense to why she wanted to stay longer when she couldn’t find a replacement for herself she came all the way back from another island asking if she could stay longer.

The second one suffered with a wife beater of a husband with jelousy issues this is why she came to work for us in the first place (to get away from him, her mother brought her here). Although eventually she was talked into going back to the provinces to look after the kids while he came to Cebu to work (Although in typical local style he went to Cebu and didn’t send any money back to the provinces to support his wife and kids).

The one this week though simply started taking her stuff away every day and just vanished and has been gone for three days so far. In the West may be a case of searching and putting an APB out for her safety concerns but here we know she’s just disappeared and gone somewhere else. Why? she did the same with her last employer simply just didn’t come back one day no reasons as she said at her last employer “she got bored”.

I am not sure if its our location that makes it worse as Minglanilla although it has its “poor” generally everyone has their own income etc. so not many people seem desperate for work. Although crazy thing is about a month ago I offered to pay for the girls college for next year and she goes and springs this on us. No doubt in a years time she will struggle to pay for college and possibly drop out because of the cost. But hey welcome to the Philippines as people are always saying when it comes to issues like this.

2 comments for “Staff Disappearing In The Philippines

  1. joe downey
    October 24, 2011 at 5:21 am

    I don`t have a house maid or yaya, generally they eat and steal their weight in groceries monthly! Though i do have 11 employees, and pay their SSS, our minimum requirement for all is Barangay cleatance, police clearance and 2 times passport photo`s, at least we know who they are and where they come from, and we verify the details!
    Here is an odd one, people entrust their precious children to yaya`s, never dreaming it may be prudent to have them medically checked fot minimum TB, whick is endemic, or to actually vet them, who`s looking after my child. Maybe it`s wise in the future, don`t be so damn trusting!

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 24, 2011 at 7:30 am

      Oh there is nothing stolen or missing, if anything some of her stuff is still here. Its impossible to help themselves as there is too many people here always someone around as we don’t let the kids “roam” even with a maid. As regards health check up your right its a good idea as they are cheap. We have a clinic at the end of our road that even does Xrays for less than P200.

      On top of that “where she came from” is in the same town but at the same time the family history isn’t so obvious although doubt any problems there as she’s a working student not a full-time maid/yaya. She’s literally paying her own way through school which is why disappearing seems crazy at the same time no doubt shes got another job somewhere and just decided to have a change.

      Now here is the odd one because we got her because a student that goes to school with her over the road asked if she could work for us as she needed to pay for her schooling. At the same time when she arrived she was saying how she had to work long hours and the normal hard luck stories no doubt replicated this week with living with forgets to mention the free internet and computer she had outside her room, the fact she would have had free college next year or that pretty much she had it easy here full-stop.

      Reminds me of someone I was talking to about a girl that worked for him, he caught her stealing and fired her. She went back to the province telling everyone how badly treated she was and she decided to leave (same town as the guys wife!). Her bag was her school stuff she was taking like her uniform etc. But generally she was no hassle and the 3 yaya’s we have had none steal but also they are full time live in with no relatives close enough to benefit from stealing food. On the other hand a Filipino couple we know had to fire 4 of their helpers as they were emptying the house daily when they went to work now all the helpers are live out and only do part-time so no free meals and people wonder why some people will stay poor.. because they crap on any opportunity they have.