SRP Tunnel artifacts unearthed

As some of you will know and anyone who uses the SRP will know the tunnel project as you enter the city has been ongoing for “years” and its suddenly seems to be running a lot slower. But what you may not know is the reason for a lot of the delays is simply down to artefacts being found at Plaza Independencia on October the 13th 2008 a team from the national museum came to oversee the excavations and retrieve artefacts that could be recovered. Mr Jose Bersales the deputised officer of the National Museum uncovered some local earthenware with intricate designs aswell as some early Chinese and Thai ceramics.

Back in June 2006 the National Museum started a archaeological dig ahead of the road project to try and rescue artefacts before the roads construction concentrating on strategic sites rather than the whole plaza area that was going to be developed. Pre-Hispanic Human bones aswell as earthenware were recovered. Recently during the construction work news arrived that artefacts had been found and sold by workers to the black market. Which prompted the return of the museums archaeologists to carry on trying to rescue artefacts as its unknown how many and where most of the stolen artefacts that were found by workers have now gone.

The area around the plaza aswell as the Basilica and some downtown areas are all keen artefact sites due to the fact that the area is likely to have been part of a pre-Hispanic port and settlement. Artefacts were discovered via digs during the 1980s and with the Heritage Of Cebu Monument in Pari-an later, aswell as new toilets and the Basilica Minore Del Sto Nino in the 1990s.

A lot of the sites are burial sites and during that time it was often that people would be buried below the house and precious items such as jewellery would be buried alongside the dead. A gold death mask has also been found at the current recovery dig sites along the new road tunnel.