Sponsorship for education in the Philippines.

Being involved with various projects in the Philippines the longer I was there the more I seen direct intervention and not giving any assets or finance to others to control was the way forward.

I have never such corruption which is not only stealing from the poor and education systems, but also so engrained and embedded as normal people just don’t think twice about it.

Could you imagine funding a child’s education to find the school pocketed 50% then asked the parents to find another 50% ? In reality “helping” just cost 50% more than the normal fees but at no point would anyone ever tell you they were doing it.

As the picture grows I see globally charities have become corporate entities with only one goal of making as much as possible for doing as little as possible. A lot of false promise and low accountability.

If your sponsoring a child I advise doing it directly and unless you know the school is not corrupt, keeping it extremely quiet otherwise your going to be disappointed in how much of your funding pays for what you had expected it to.