Special Work Permit to Philippines

This visa is issued to foreigners who are employed or engaged in short term, seasonal or contractual employment.


  1. Notarized Letter-Request from the petitioner’s company who is responsible for the payment of the applicant’s tax/s at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
  2. Clear copy of the passport’s personal data and valid authorized period to stay
  3. Clear copy of the SEC Registration, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation of the company
  4. Clear copy of the employment contract stating the applicant’s exact salary
  5. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate


  1. Submission of the application with the requirements
  2. Verification of travel and derogatory records, assessment of fees and issuance of Order of Payment Slip
  3. Payment to the collecting officer and issuance of the Official Receipt
  4. Evaluation, updating of records and preparation of the Order
  5. Approval of the Special Work Permit (SWP) by the Commissioner
  6. Issuance of the SWP
  7. Document archiving

Fees in Pesos (valid for 3 months)

Application Fee 4000

SWP 800

Service Fee 100

LRF 30

Express Lane 500

BI Clearance Certificate 1010

Form: BI Clearance Certificate