Space in your luggage?

This was something i argued with someone a while back. Its all to do with free space in your luggage. Now often coming into Cebu or going anywhere in the world how often do you overload with things you wont wear or need? You end up at the end of the trip struggling to get everything in your bags as you have bought more things. Well the idea is very simple dont take it! The Philippines is a haven for cheap clothing, shoes etc. Personally i would take enough clothes for 2-3days and the rest leave at home. Because you can get levis for £10.00 for example or Bench T shirts for £5.00 so no doubt you would wish you had more space! The idea is that instead of taking your clothes take kids clothes instead, they wont cost you anything either via things like freecycle or searching through your kids drawers or asking neighbours for clothing no longer needed. You will be emptying out old belongings and giving a new shirt/jeans to someone who needs it.
The reason the arguement started was due to the fact the Philippines has its own clothing industry but with a huge Ukay Ukay business (secondhand) it tells you how much spare capital people really have to spend on items especially if living in a shanti house. The other arguement was someone telling me how much of the “charity” clothing still labeled turns up in Ukay Ukay stalls. But to be honest there is two ways that can happen.. either via NGO and official corruption or people have sold clothing for food or something else they needed more important. Now the second reason to be honest i dont care what the kids do with the items as long as its something useful. Also you find kids are greatful for being given anything.. and a new shirt etc when you see how bad some of the kids clothing is no doubt appreciated.
So why did i come up with the idea? Well i thought how can you help people without it costing you a penny.. and this was one of the results. You clear your cupboards and actually get rid of a lot of things that are cluttering up your home but in return your making use of old items in a positive way its a win win for everyone.