Spa day for the girls

Yesterday I sent April,Jovie and their mother off to the Spa for the day. I think its important they have a woman’s day once a month together as they are always busy doing other things during the rest of the month. Infact April said it was the first time they done something like that together. I spend the afternoon in the netcafe while they all went off for their haircuts, nails, massage and whatever else it is people do in Spas. You could tell the difference when they got back as they all seemed very upbeat and happy will have to organise something for me and Paps to get upto as a guys thing as he has been working hard with the apartment as well as other projects so would be good for him to get a break and also I like getting out the house for a change of scenery. Im so used to travelling around as my work before mainly involved site visits and spending at least half a day travelling to and from different sites.