Sorting finances and budgets in the Philippines

Lately I have been taking stock on expenditure and incomes to try and budget for the forthcoming year. But goal posts move constantly and i am starting to realise 12 hrs a day working for months on end soon takes its toll. I took a night out over the weekend and had my first beer since January its strange how a few pints of beer effects you after not having any for a while. Was good to get a head buzz where numbers, figures and the stress of work and home life could just evaporate for a few hours. Taking stock of where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow is showing that I will be away from the Philippines for at least another 6 months after going home in August for a few weeks. A few things happend that rocked the boat and have created unexpected expenses. Nothing major but enough to re-plan a lot of ongoing projects. Im hoping my current contracts will carry on into the new year as this will give us the badly needed uplift of funding to keep us ahead of the game and hopefully get the expansion of land to put our goats on and complete the house, at least for the ground floor.
Its being away from home you realise how much you miss each other most. Im used to a heavy workload and complications with family but this time seems different and I think its just the fact that I spend my time working or sleeping and thinking of home 90% of the time.
I have a daughter who I haven’t seen in 6 months and by the time I get home  I will only see her for several weeks before off again. Cant be helped but doesn’t make things any easier, I do love the time I spend with my daughter and wish things were easier for everyone.