Sometimes your alone in the Philippines even when your not

One of my biggest problems I have in the Philippines is meeting people face to face with an interest on the same topics as most of the country is very inwards in information etc. you hear very little of outside news. For example I was surprised about the rail crash on the Eurostar. But only found it by accident while browsing the BBC headlines on the itouch. Nobody seems that interested in the elections currently going on purely because they know the corruption won’t change. But its funny when you meet up or visit someone who has similar thoughts etc and just glad to air views and have a real discussion about everything in general as not only a ventilation for frustration but just to know that your not going mad and its not just you. Recently I have met up with a friend and it was good to discuss a lot of things as he is in the same situation as we are so the cross referencing and chat was pretty much relevant on all levels. I also have the odd chat online with friends but its not the same as switching off and sitting having a cup of tea. I have also realised over the last few years how many real friends I have as most go their own way and never hear again from them. Or get back in touch only when they need help or information. I hope my friends up in Norwich don’t forget as they are all a good bunch and glad to stay in touch with them all.

I suppose the direction of the post is the fact you can become very isolated in some ways and its not always a good feeling as like tonight my thoughts were of friends and times past many I will probably never see again. Not a manic depressive by the way just thinking Its also partly my fault as my Cebuano is still slow going on the learning front. Another thing rung true in a conversation I heard though regarding friendship in the Philippines is that a friend didn’t mix with locals because at some point they would be approached for money for donations etc. its something of a yes and no answer for me personally but I know exactly what he was talking about and understand that the problem is he would be offering friendship which would simply be used as a way to extract money ruining any real friendship. From my personal experience though its gone both ways as we have some really good friends who would ask for nothing and be offended if we offered and also others who are in a bit of a grey area.

Don’t get me wrong though I have a great wife, wonderful daughters and wonderful in-laws but sometimes you just want a bit of interaction from people who come from the same origins. The same reason OFW’s form communities abroad.