sometimes life resembles a drama,soap opera or comedy

As I spend more time at the netcafe and more intergrated locally you start to realise some things about everyday life. Some explain why land never gets developed, some things are just funny, others explains why so many women are looking for guys abroad. I will put a few short conversations of things that have happened lately below…

I have been doing free profile photos for people the last month and its also started to encourage some of the women to look online for a future husband. I friend of ours although married still doesn’t see her husband very often and the marriage is long over. So she decided to look online. The other day her husband was back for the weekend although not sure if its just in the neighbourhood or as man and wife as he left her along time ago. But he was sat playing Mahjong and asked one of his kids where his wife was. To the reply “she’s at the netcafe chatting” at which point he said “so it is true!”. Following day he is talking to his wife and mentions the chatting and talking loudly the neighbours can hear the whole conversation “it was you who left me, what happens if a foreigner does come here then what will you do?” he has a quick think and replies “I will become your driver and drive you and him around..” to which they laughed as well as the neighbours. The truth of the matter is the guy pretty much disappeared and only in the last couple of weeks started re-appearing at the weekends. Maybe concerned about losing his wife or is it something else?

Someone else we know has a husband on the run and has pretty much abandoned his family (he isnt even on the same island). Another the guy is already married and the woman wants to get married but there is always a reason not to get the divorce papers sorted. He said to her “if you marry a foreigner don’t forget me”. Its a discussion I had with the guy myself asking if you love her why don’t you just get the paperwork sorted because most women I have met in the Philippines seem to want to get married in the West it never seems to be the first thought but here its always the first!

Understanding why things don’t get developed happened over a recent conversation to do with land and it seems a very common problem. The big dispute is always who owns what, generally the lots are owned by multiples and a will never seems to be drawn up to make everything cut and dry so you end up with several members of family owning several pieces of land and nothing ever happens because they dispute who owns what and due to having limited budgets and resources they can neither sell the land, buy the land from their siblings or develop the land due to fierce arguments and interference. A recent event with “the aunt” just really showed the person she is as another relative has been building their house upwards another two levels because when it was originally built he was forced to take a back portion of the compound because “the aunt” would not give him the main house which was his by right being the youngest family member. At the same time requesting money from him to allow him to build. He didn’t have to do it but gave a lump sum to keep her quiet. Next thing is she built an annexe from the main house as quick as possible onto the side of where he is constructing to stop him developing anything further that it is why he has had to go up. His kids are getting older and need more space. The annexe is the building me and April developed before and left after the aunt extorted rent. Same is currently happening as the people constructing moved in there temporary and paying rent while they finish the works. So what happens the aunt isnt content with screwing her own brother over for rent, stopping him develop a good size home on land that nobody is using she wants more!! she wants them to move out ASAP as she wants to move her daughter into the old annexe that me and April developed so she can squeeze money out of her daughter and her husband. She wants to “borrow” the builders from the construction of Aprils uncles house to do a roof area over the annexe garden and no doubt doesn’t want to pay for that either.. Very few people do I hate in life but she has yet to do anything that doesn’t benefit herself an evil twisted old woman. Would be better for the family to sit round the table with a lawyer and divide things up properly and get rid of her out their lives one thing I can say is I would happily never see her again shes brought nothing but misery into peoples lives.

The chatters have appeared.. a new addition to the netcafe is the teenage chatters talking to guys abroad. A small group of girls come in and sit to talk to guys abroad then chatting with each other about what people are saying. It’s in english and the girls are never quiet.. Its very obvious why so many guys get ripped off by women/girls. The last conversation was someone offering to pay someone’s student  fees,supporting them and marrying them. Yet they hadn’t even met. The girls seem to be younger students at best and definitily don’t seem old enough to be getting married. There was a quick discussion about Western Union and off they went to no doubt collect some hard earned cash by some foreigner thinking someone was in need.

Well that pretty much sums up the soap opera that is our life here.. nothing else has really been going on except the construction projects.