Some things will always make you smile.

 street kids in cebu, philippines

Lately I have been well aware that I am not my usual positive self and its mainly down to things going on that have slowed my pace of projects. In future I will be doing things a lot slower to accomodate the fact and move things on a more steady even keel. As I was sat waiting for Paps to take the measurements in to an aluminium company that specialise in making doors and windows.Three kids came passed begging for money although unfortunately for them its an expensive month and I am still waiting for my money to arrive from the UK but on spotting the camera they asked if they could have some photos instead. This was the first photo I took and upon seeing themselves on the LCD screen they asked for more and ended up taking about twenty photos. What surprises me most is although the kids are poor and hungry they don’t complain about life being hard and happily crack laughs and smiles as they go about trying to find money. The only problem with being “over nice” is that you soon end up being swarmed every time you go onto a car park. For example Gaisano Tabunok if I am at McDonalds I will often give kids a meal I would do it more often but they then assume every time your going into the mall or to McDonalds your going to feed them and you end up  with about 15 kids following you round to your car and back.

Filipino street kidsA lot of the people that have come up from Mindanao come from a tribe that generally live on water. They eat, sleep and live on small boats and will often dive for coins. What I find frustrating most of all is that so much money in Aid arrives in countries and often disappears. In the West we think sending money fixes the problems but in reality it extends the issues rather than helps. Don’t get me wrong the kids are happy to have food regardless of where it comes from at the end of the day you will find scavengers literally finding food in rubbish dump sites just to survive. They don’t have the option to be fussy or the ability to stop the corruption that steals from them. But in the UK I have seen the gravy train ridden by politicians and fund raisers they’re only concern is the free ride and the free lunches they have on expenses. Not the welfare and well being of the people that really do need it. I will climb off my soap box for a bit because frankly I would rather people stopped giving money to charities and looked at doing things themselves or even took an interest in doing something via someone who is for progression to generate a future for people rather than to keep people in limbo with no future passed today.

  I hope I can get some things going in the future but from other peoples experiences the importance is creating sustainability before even venturing into any projects because once started you need to keep things going and at a level you can control not only in time but financially. Someone I know last year took a bit of a mental break down due to biting off more than he could chew.