Some days you need to step back

May seem obvious but literally here things will drag you down sometimes because you end up with events going on one after the other like a domino affect and not in the positive way! Best way I have found to deal with the bad days is simply sitting in the net-cafe at night have a beer before going home and simply blog.. (that’s what I’m doing now). The point being is things will frustrate you sometimes here but they don’t need to do it everyday and they won’t immigration is probably one of the biggest irritant bubbles here as well as dealing with any official business as its always time consuming and “can you go here, here and here sir” instead of all in one place. If your having one of those days important thing to remember there is always lunch, treat yourself and your partner to a nice lunch don’t think about what is irritating you and go back fresh afterwards. No doubt someone will still do something to upset you but at least you took a time out as well as not long until whatever it is your doing is sorted and can just head off home.

People wonder why I don’t live in the city and this is one of the reasons paperwork. I escaped the UK to get away from it and although I may seem to moan a lot about paperwork, banks,immigration its because its all things that should be easy to do and my business speciality is making things efficient so putting me into some of the worst organised places is a bit like putting an alcoholic in a bar where all the beer is in glass cages, I can see what is wrong but nobody will let me fix it! may seem a small thing but I am a workaholic especially when it comes down to process as I have sorted out companies debts which for Filipinos (Who are the majority readers on TP) I have saved companies up to P50million a month on making things efficient and not just down to paperwork, lighting management, heating control systems, scheduling, efficiency checks on how things are done literally working through a company from the warehouse to the directors seeing where things can be improved.

Its partly why my work is always in demand especially now we are in recession as companies need to squeeze every coin they can and employing me on a contract for 3 – 6 months they will literally save a small fortune not just this year but every on going year as long as they stick to my implementations..

So your probably seeing why I get irritated when banks don’t give me the right bank accounts, immigration doesn’t tell me how much I need to bring or S+R want to charge me P700 for a membership that I could have had for free if they had bothered to reply on their own website its all about good business and management. People will often say to me “but this is the Philippines” and my response to that would be and is this what you want the Philippines to be famous for? bad management? Poor customer service?

Everyone is complaining about the new name being used for the tourist campaign but I will say get the basics right and more and more people will come. Make it easier for people to be here and make them welcome. One idea I would advise the DOT (department of tourism) to do is look at the Greeks and their FAKE towns which are specifically built for tourism people don’t live there all year round and its done in such a way that is friendly and inviting. With the current security issues in the Philippines they could also become secure zones a simple way of combing several resorts in an area with their own mini town to provide all the facilities people need as tourists.

After that works no doubt the numbers of tourists would increase which in turn would increase peoples curiosity outside of the complex’s to start travelling further.