some days do and some days dont

Today is a don’t day.. I need to take a time out with some of the frustrations and wonder where do I want things to go. I have already scouted out another lot that is for sale but with the slowness of the work forces am I better just keeping the money and investing it into loans? I originally wanted the apartment idea to help develop the neighbourhood and the next lot is a couple of roads away but the more foreigners that come the more money there will be swishing around locally as foreigners need to eat, get rides, find stuff to do. On top of that spending money on infrastructure and development of buildings. But I have been looking at a friends setup who has gone purely into loans and getting a steady return as well as growth. Should I be doing the same? I could be doing these projects for the next 10 years at an investment level of around P1m per year but I could be getting a high return of investment on doing loans for people wanting to go overseas for example. That P1m could easily be gaining 4% per month which works out at :- P40,000 instead of P28,000 from rental properties. Its a difficult decision and it rests mainly on the people who do work for us in the matter of do they want to work? I can pull the plug on it all overnight and just stop any future developments. Being tired and frustrated are not things I enjoy and dealing with mentality that refuses to change or learn is something I will never be good at dealing with. The future pretty much hangs in the balance.

  • Give up and head back to UK.
  • Abandon all future projects and invest.
  • Learn to drink more alcohol and put up with the slow pace and continue to try to change peoples ways of working.

It was something I should have picked up on earlier as I have friends who have dealt with a few mayors as regards business and they had no interest what so ever. They were happy for a foreign to get involved in one but not themselves. I recently visited a friend of mine who is a Filipino lecturer at a university in Cebu. He explained he had a lot of similar problems. He was breeding tilapia and fattening for sale to find out his caretaker was going on the lake at night and stealing all the young fry which in turn destroyed the entire stock and the ability for it to recover all the young were stolen!

Teaching people new techniques on farming resulted in when you next visited people had gone back to the way they had done it before. One thing I will say if people want to be helped they need to accept change, they need to accept stealing from your employer is not acceptable they need to understand that hindering a business they are in turn hindering business development and not only their future but their children’s as businesses can grow given half the chance. The Philippines has a lot to offer but I can understand why so many people I have met just thrown in the towel and have gone to Taiwan, China or other countries in the region. There is a very negative attitude engrained in a lot of people here which is to destroy rather than develop. Don’t get me wrong the UK isn’t great but its mainly down to taxation I could easily start a company up in the UK and its only real burden would be heavy taxation as finding the staff is a lot easier and picking out people with the potential to develop a future is also a lot easier. Here in the Philippines I think a lot of people just don’t even understand what is wrong in the first place. Get caught stealing and a quick smile will fix it.. same as another friend recently with his steel for his house they had purchased a lower gauge and no doubt pocketed the extra money.