Social responsibility in the Philippines

I am a strong believer in social responsibility there are so many people out there complaining about what is out side their compound, street, community. But have you tried to do anything to combat the things that are wrong in the community?

For example littering is a major problem in our area and its a problem I am still working out how best to tackle. Could it be incinerator ? a few old oil barrels drilled and the top cut off to burn it as it builds up? Or maybe finding a way that gets people to take it to the main road for collection by the waste management in the area which is around a 5min walk from within our community. As I have experienced in the UK with Wheelie bins its not a popular move to get people to change habits of a lifetime so what is the best way to go about it? Simply education on why we do it. How rubbish is connected to rats, mosquitos and disease. Aswell as how the areas currently being used as a dump site could be a beautiful garden for the community to meet and discuss things instead of a pile of waste.

Unemployment and alcoholism are closely linked and I think if you can create small ventures that can generate income aswell as keep people from getting bored they will kerb both problems. I think the Philippines has a lot to offer if the right ideas are approached the right way. There is also projects within the community that can be done with the people there. E.g. the road to where we live is a badly damaged dirt track yet there is a lot of people living in the community nothing to stop us developing it between us for the better of all. Not everyone has money to put in for the conversion to a concrete road but there are plenty of able bodied people who would work for free in return for use of the road.

I spend a lot of time in the UK and see how fragmented society has become and there are things people do naturally in the Philippines such as hiding goods/possessions to reduce risk of burglary and robbery. But the communities are still pretty much intact but just need some direction maybe forming a sub-division committee that actually look to develop an area. Doesnt always mean bricks and mortar could be things like a creche and support group for new mothers. Could be introducing community gardens that develop container gardening which can pass throughout the area to develop a much nicer surrounding for all. If people can respect what they have you can stop social decline and turn things from a negative way of life to a positive. Most solutions arent expensive and often are free depending what you are doing. The whole point is getting YOU to help the community and the community to understand what YOU are doing so that they understand you are helping them and to get them involved so the I becomes an us and soon you have an area you are proud to be part of.

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  1. August 29, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Thanks for sharing this. I recently watched a Newsnight short on one of the slums in Manila, Estero de San Miguel. It was pretty eye-opening about the way that some of the poorest people live, but what was more amazing is that slum residents are happy to stay in the city, despite the re-housing scheme. It’s hard to say which way is the right way to tackle the issue of slums in Manila; is it socially responsible to improve slum conditions in the long run, or is it socially responsible to let people live the way they prefer and in the city where they can find work?

    I hope you and your wife are having a great time over in the Phillipines. I am planning on travelling over there soon for my travel blog and will be checking your site for tips and ideas.

    Thanks 🙂

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      August 29, 2011 at 4:57 am

      Hi Mags,
      its often confusing as you want to help but often wonder how? There are many charities come storming in with western ideas do a year then go away again with nobody measuring long term affects or benefits. Its difficult to walk in another persons shoes to understand what they want at the same time one thing everyone needs is education. If they become more educated things can develop as a lot of the things linked with disease are down to ignorance over anything else. But one thing is for sure the problems are multiplying every year and not going away yet the inaction by the government is only compounding the problem.