Sobbing Shopkeeper Beaten On CCTV in Coventry UK during robbery.

CCTV images showing a brutal attack during an armed robbery at a shop in Coventry have been released.
Here three robbers burst into the store.

The store looks like a TESCO Express which is a small corner shop a bit like a 7/11 in the U.S. I wanted to post this for two reasons. The first one is this gets back to what I was saying about CCTV its on a camera the robbers who are no doubt 17 – 25 all hooded up the same way they would in the street are pretty much unrecognisable. Yet here we are watching someone being beaten is it more to do with peoples tastes in entertainment these days than actually catching people?

The other thing is I used to deal with robberies or the after affects as part of my daily role several years ago for some big chains Sainsbury’s and Matalan. The funny thing is do you know how often these places get robbed? I would say nearly every single week some of the stores are regularly targeted and the Sainsbury’s in Coventry is a regular for attacks and robberies. There were defects on the building I was aware of back then that Sainsbury’s refused to upgrade for the security of staff. But then again they also expected people to work in an unsecure environment after being beaten round the head several times with a crowbar as they were unable to open the safe (they are time locked). If you work for a big company and robbers break in or carry out a robbery give them what they want as you wont get any sympathy from the business owners. They have already assessed the loss margins and the only thing they are concerned about is getting the doors open as soon as possible it certainly isn’t your health. philippines security guard 


Philippines is a little bit different nearly everywhere has armed guards even McDonalds. Not sure how good they would be in a robbery but then again its only as good as the investment you put in your staff. If they never get to use their gun except to carry it round their neck I would expect some civilian casualties in a shoot out and generally there are. But it is a deterrent at least especially on larger scale locations as so many places have guards that no doubt if a robbery was to take place other guards would intervene. I know for example my local bank has 3 guards at its front door the bank next door to them is the same. The clothing store next to that has another and it goes on and on. Its a shame such measures have to be taken but at the same time the UK lives in a false sense of security maybe if we started shooting some of these robbers in the UK they would think twice? Lets face it they are bringing guns, knives and other weapons to commit a crime who says you shouldn’t have the right to defend yourself? The photo also reminds me to take more people photos I have borrowed it from Lonely Planet.

What is my solution to the UK’s crime rates which are rewritten to make things look better by the Police regularly ? Look at America and see what is happening there not only negative but positive. Due to the way the UK “gang culture” and Hip Hop I want to be a millionaire rapper and drug dealer mentality is seeping in from the U.S. you can learn the lessons before they get worse there is a current gap of about 5 years between things in the U.S. and being mirrored in the UK about time people woke up and used it to our advantage instead of sitting sipping tea discussing “the problem”. Personally I would look to force out the culture as its unacceptable and also not part of the UK culture leave it to run and expect the crime rate and murders to go up its all that can happen.

The dumbed down syndrome is something that has appeared in the UK haven’t seen it in the Philippines except for what the government and big corporations do. But in the UK its all about “life is hard” even when its not, its about taking something not earning it. The ability to put others down for succeeding. I was discussing these factors with a friend of mine who mentors kids that when we were younger excelling at something was promoted but today being better than everyone else at a sport for example is seen as a failure as you stand out you “think” your better than others. I call it dumbing down, get back in line your one of us. You don’t need to think or look for a way out we will wallow in the mire of what we create ourselves and can then blame society for our problems. Truth be known there is no need for it. A lot of the inner cities get money pumped into them that leaves other regions starved financially just so these village idiots can get a re-education or free training.  Thing is you cannot teach someone who doesn’t want to learn they mope around acting as if things are so great and they are rebelling against the system in their cool designer jeans they haven’t changed for 3 weeks and the stale BO odour coming from that puffer jacket its so cool so great.. just a giro to collect next week since your broke then back off to a night out or maybe do a bit of dealing here and there.. either way it doesn’t involve getting a life or a job.