So Whats with Minglanilla?

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A lot of people may wonder I live in Minglanilla over other locations within Cebu. Well there are several reasons. Firstly April’s family are here, aunts,uncles,parents,cousins something i never had when i grew up due to my parents moving around the world with the British army. So its nice that April has that here and I wouldn’t want to take April to an area where she would be too far from relatives. But there are many other reasons that make Minglanilla home. The town is literally 5 minutes from the house by tricycle or car. We have a swimming pool nearby that we can use on a resort. The beach is 5 minutes from the house although it’s not the best in the area.. but then again I don’t like sand on my feet so suits me..(its full of stones). Main thing is though you are central it’s about as quiet as a province can get within a stones throw of the city. Yes there is the road dust in the morning and evening rush hours but that’s about it. There is no constant flow of heavy traffic just general. But the other thing that really makes Minglanilla a great place to live is the fact as soon as you head off the main southern coastal road and head inland within 5 minutes you are literally in a sea of green.. most of the land is either minor developed or untouched. A touch of the real Philippines with the access to all the major facilities within a 20 minute radius of travel you can’t really beat that.