Snake Found In Garbage – Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

I had just returned from an afternoon out when a bit of a stir had occurred outside and my wife April said the kids had caught a snake.

philippines snake

I went outside to see what was going on to find a small snake around 3 1/2ft long which had been killed unfortunately. But at the same time its a warning to people dumping garbage near where they live which in this case is the property lot directly behind where they are standing (with the banana plants). As dumping garbage brings rats and rats bring snakes to neighbourhoods. This snake is in an enclosed area as the lot it was found on actually has property on all sides except for a long road leading out, also shows that the built up area isn’t going to scare them from coming in either. I grabbed a few photos but also warned the kids not to mess around with it as venom on a dead snake is as deadly as a live one and since nobody knows what type of snake it is best to just leave it alone since nobody was keen on taking it home for dinner.

Philippines snake

Please DO NOT KILL snakes as they serve a purpose as well as being a part of nature, they control vermin and are doing little harm unless they are threatened. I am aware some species are a threat at the same time this wasn’t one of them and if it can be captured and released elsewhere its better for everyone as we are helping to preserve nature. The photos are a bit bloody but I won’t apologise for that purely down to the fact that killing isn’t as clean cut as a shrink wrapped piece of meat in the supermarket.

Philippines snake Philippines snake Philippines snake