Smart Bro Switching Internet Off During Peak Hours

smart bro amazing wireless internet As many of your are aware we have been having internet connection problems for some time now. In fact nearly 2 months currently. Now we call them every day as we can see the antenna is pointing slightly towards the stars which could have happened in the bad weather we had 2 months ago. But then again as we started to notice the internet connection is fine right up until peak hours.

Conspiracy theory? Not really with the sort of tricks companies pull in the Philippines as I have heard of business phone lines being switched off at certain hours in Manila to save operational costs even though the customers are paying for the service. Why wouldn’t Smart do the same with their internet services?

Poor customer service is pretty common and the fact they seem to be reading directly off a screen when talking about repairs pretty much puts the call centre somewhere between useless and hopeless. I could defend them saying well if they haven’t got the tools for the job then its not their fault. In the same way a poor craftsman always blames his tools so in reality its Smart as a company that is failing the call centre or more than likely doing it on purpose.

Shoddy business practices are pretty normal with the “Test it for 24hrs” which in reality they are just dragging things out in the hope it fixes itself or just to get you off the phone rather than doing anything. We have had the “Line on test” at least 6 times in the last 2 months and guess what never told any results! Only when I argued with a representative it changed to “errm.. we had an upgrade on the base station that could be the problem”. Guess what that was another lie in fact I am sure if we listed down all the excuses they come up with they are just as obvious as their “trouble shooting list” that doesn’t trouble shoot or fix the connection.

What  I will say though which is even more annoying is we have 2 connections with them but the other one works fine. Which can only mean they are either throttling back a certain amount of connections or the transmitter isn’t pointing towards the base station correctly but why only in peak hours??

Typical example of poor working by companies in the Philippines which will help keep the country in the dark ages as the internet is terrible compared to many other parts of Asia already and wanting to be the no.1 for call centres and BPO who are they trying to kid with this type of service? Ok they are business customers but also they need infrastructure, they need speed, they need reliability. Philippines isn’t offering it up and seems to be going backwards rather than forwards on technology.