Smart Bro Saved Me P999 A Month

smart bro antenna The ongoing saga of the intermittent connection was eventually resolved down to one thing. Even though their engineers turned up they played around on the PC instead of doing what they were supposed to do which was refix and align the antenna.

So Smart Bro saved me P999 on one of my internet connections and I would like to thank them for it. I climbed up on the roof myself and aligned the antenna from the old house to a similar direction as the existing one. Took a marker pen up with me and drew a line on the bottom of the base onto the roof to create a dial. This allowed for me to fine adjust the antenna until I got a good connection and now kissing goodbye to the other connection as we will just keep one instead of the two now. Odd thing is the one on the house roof originally had a super fast 300kb connection speed (nothing near the 1mb advertised) but with the older system we have had nearly 4 years it runs as fast as 700kb (still slower than advertised but a lot faster than the other).

This morning its been up and down moving things as well as transferring the computers onto a wi-fi system where all computers are now wireless. P750 for each Wi-Fi card but also a lot less cables around the house. So far so good I am happy and the question is what do we do with the laptops now we are using the desktops instead?? We have 2 Toshiba laptops we don’t really need cluttering up the place and when I go back to the UK I will buy a new one as generally I buy a new laptop every contract I start (its tax deductable so costs me nothing).

But another thing to add to this is if your internet is on and off constantly go and stand outside and look at the antenna as its probably doing what the one on the house was doing which is waving around in the wind. Not a lot but enough to break the signal.

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