Smart Bro Not Working Properly For 3 weeks now!

talking to Smart Bro On The Phone

“Good Afternoon I am calling about the fact my Smart Bro Wireless still isn’t working after three weeks”.

“Sir, is it connected to a router?”

“Yes it is and I have plugged it in directly and receiving that same special service of it not working”.

“is it plugged into the router now?”

“The router makes no difference if it is or not”.

“Ahh ok sir, maybe the router could be faulty?”

“But its not connected to the router and as I have said before its a problem with the transponder that has moved due to bad weather we had several weeks ago. The router has worked fine for over a year”.

“please wait a while sir”.

(5 minutes pass) “Sir can you make sure its not plugged into the router and we will monitor it for 24hrs”.

“but I know what is wrong with it I just can’t walk on the roof to realign it, 24 hours won’t fix it”.

“In a while please sir”.

(wait) “Sir the technical team are aware there is a fault and advise testing for 25 hours”.

“They may do but you tested for 24 hours 3 days ago and its still the same what did they find in the last 3 days?”.

“please wait sir, there may be a fault but will need to test for 24 hours”.

“but that doesn’t fix it, I get the feeling its more wait and see hopefully the problem disappears. But I have already waited 3 weeks so far and its not working still”.

Sorry sir, but our technical team should monitor the line for 24 hours”.

Typical solution for ISPs in the Philippines literally just wait and hope you get fed up of calling and the problem fixes itself. The issue is the antenna has moved a fraction which is why its intermittent, I don’t have the information here to realign it and its also on top of a pole 2 storeys up. Why do I know that that’s the problem? because we have 2 connections we moved from another house previously and they wanted P1,400 to move it so I just climbed on the roof of the old house and put it up in the new home. At that time though I had gone down with Dengue and struggled to realign it then which had the same issues. It does appear the engineers just ping a server in Manila and just keep pinging until they get a good enough connection around 230 which is terrible in the UK but here is acceptable. Problem is I don’t know the IP to do it myself and Smart are doing everything they can to avoid sending someone to re-align the transponder. Mad thing is probably only needs moving less than a slight twist to get it in the right direction.

This is the issues with call centres I find as they read questions and answers from the screen in a flowchart fashion. When you ask specific or technical questions they haven’t got a clue as its not written in front of them even when your giving them the answer to the question itself. Human computers that can’t compute variables. Doesn’t just happen here as it does happen in the UK as well which is why I closed my HSBC account at the bank as all calls went to India at night when I would only call the bank when I had something specific to do yet the call centre wasn’t authorised to do it. The response is “walk into the branch as the call centre couldn’t get through on the phone and its a branch matter”Glad we have advanced so far in technology we are now going backwards.