Small business forum Philippines

Very few people seem to muster together to help each other towards common goals here in the Philippines which is why I am looking to develop a “casual” business forum I don’t want the funny handshakes or people having to pay subs unless its for social gatherings. The important thing is like minds thinking alike. If for example 5 business owners are buying rice seperately ideally formation of a co-op buying group should save them money. But also someone who is looking to develop a jewellery business might be able to interlink with people who can develop a website or even supply his materials or a designer.

The most important factor here is people working together. The other important factor with it being “casual” it means that people can come and go when they want at the same time hopefully they all stay as it becomes a valuable asset. But I do understand with things like people flying in and out of the Philippines creating these links can be difficult for some.

Also let us not forget we can’t do everything! I have met people here with great ideas and great abilities but at the same time they lack marketing and sales skills. But also people with marketing and sales skills often lack products to be pushing.. Remember also that a lot of products can work hand in hand giving the ability for one sales team to sell several products to the same clients. I can also understand why some people will be hesitant to put their business ideas out in the open but this is why its “casual” friendships are always the first steps. If your interested please feel free to add a comment below. It will be getting developed but its success will also be measured in its numbers.