SM Mall roads flooded today along Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines

Going into the city today was a bit of an event especially as it was a business trip. Im used to the tide of business running against us here in Cebu but today it was quite literally running against us.

Philippines taxi outside Radisan blu during flooding

Jeepney stuck in the flood at SM Mandaue Jeepney stuck in the floods at SM Cebu Taxi in floods at SM Cebu

4x4 in flooding near Cebu Pier pedestrian trying not to get feet wet in flooding at SM street cleaner trying to scoop flood at SM

Flooding for as far as you could see near corner of SM Cebu Jeepney in floodwater outside SM Cebu Queue of heavy traffic stuck in floodwater at SM Mall Cebu

The odd thing about today’s visit was it was literally just to pop in and view some units but ended up being several hours due to the traffic issue and seeing knee high water in places especially outside SM Mall in Cebu. Passing the river it seemed to be moving fast but not burst its banks so wonder if the water had been forced up from the drains either way it was a lot of water in the wrong location.

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  1. Kim_coleen
    January 25, 2011 at 10:56 am

    bakit ngayon lang nangyari 2!!!!!!!!!!!